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Pink Blossom


Our facilities are immaculate, newly renovated and meticulously cleaned. If you haven’t been to A Pretty Face LLC for a while, you are likely to find new decor, equipment and other surprises designed to enhance your experience. Come on in and see what we can offer you.

Facilities: Facilities
Facial room.jpg

A Pretty Face is a peaceful, relaxing environment. When you first come in, you come to our beautiful check in and out area in Cherry Blossom Lane. And then for the ultimate relaxation in my serene pink paradise, while you listen to the ocean waves crashing and birds chirping in one ear, and in the other hear a fire crackling with a distant owl while relaxing bamboo flute music plays. The facial bed is heated and also has a nice foam topper for ultimate relaxation, including headrest and a behind the knee rest for ultimate comfort, and back relief. If you look up at the ceiling you will be in awe of the pink and white lanterns with firefly lights inside, intertwined with pink and white flowers with more firefly lights. Come pamper yourself!

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